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YouTubers Cheat Sheet to Write Killer Instagram Bios!

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    Most YouTubers don’t reach their target audience despite their high quality content.

    They have the potential to be in the list of top creators.

    However, their consistency and value adding channels are not taking them anywhere.

    So, you’re a YouTuber who’s trying to decode the Instragram (IG) scene?

    Well, you’re already ahead of the peers as expanding to different social media channels is the key to grow in 2023.

    You surely must’ve pulled a few strings on the world’s largest video platform. But the same approach doesn’t work for IG.

    Your content strategy must be great, yet it can go unnoticed by visitors if your bio section lacks clarity and relevance.

    Ignoring its significance for too long means keeping yourself from reaching out to millions of people who use IG daily.

    Therefore, if you want to maximise your reach, it’s time to find powerful words that hook visitors to your profile, making them want more of your content.

    And, there’s no limit to creativity here. You can slip in a few emojis, CTAs, links, or hashtags.

    YouTubers Cheat Sheet to Write Killer Instagram Bios! - Insta Bio For YouTuber


    As digital marketers say, explore this 150 characters world like a deep sea, be thoughtful of your audience, so they click on subscribe or follow buttons, even before the words leave your mouth. 

    Even so, making the first impression in limited words isn’t that simple. It takes months for some to understand this.

    And by the time realisation hits, it’s too late.

    So, before the time runs out, read this cheat-sheet until the end to know how top YouTubers write an epic insta bio.


    Why Your Insta Bio Matters?

    You have many subscribers on YouTube, so investing in IG may seem unnecessary. However it’s not.

    Digital world is a sea. To get the most out of it, you need to learn how to dive deep. 

    In other words, a YouTube channel is not the only place your subscribers will connect with you.

    Focusing on content strategy on one platform makes you float easily on the surface. Only until you’ve the life jacket on.

    If you love doing things comfortably, you must enjoy the bright sunny day with a watermelon drink up there. It’s good.

    Your channel will grow eventually. 

    But did you know what differentiates top 1% content creators from the rest?


    why Instagram bio important - Insta Bio For YouTuber


    They don’t stay in their comfort zone. They prefer to explore  and unfold the mysteries.

    Their secret sauce to success– using every social media platform the best way.

    And, Instagram ranks at the top. All credit goes to the introduction of reels which are overpowering YouTube shorts.

    Yes, the video platform is good, however finding other methods to engage your audience is not a bad idea.

    It gives you access to current subscribers while grabbing the attention of more.

    The absolutely amazing technique to do the latter– have a killer bio that hooks visitors in just 7 seconds.

    Something so incredible that makes them stay, scroll, like, and follow you on IG.


    5 Steps to Write Creative (Instagram) Insta Bio For YouTuber


    Now begins the fun part. You found all the missing pieces, let’s complete this puzzle with the following ideas–


    Be a Storyteller

    Think of this space as your sales pitch, which offers a behind-the-scenes picture to your visitors.

    You can use bulleted lists or a few lines, supplemented with emojis and puns.

    Add about your hobbies, profession, and personal life, letting the audience know what to expect from your content. 

    You can use puns to make them laugh or self-written quotes for a more personalised experience.


    YouTubers Cheat Sheet to Write Killer Instagram Bios! Insta Bio For YouTuber


    Add Targeted Keywords in the Name Section

    Using keywords in the name field is a rarely used SEO tactic unknown to many IG users.

    If done right, imagine the number of users who’ll land on your profile just because you considered this valuable tip.

    A boost to your visibility is given, it also helps in increasing followers count.

    So, do your research, find the keywords your ideal customer, client, or follower will use to search for accounts similar to yours.

    These can be related to your niche, products, or the business location.

    For example, photographers can mention the type of work they mostly do such as food, wildlife, nature, etc.

    It narrows down the path making it easier to reach the potential followers.


    YouTubers Cheat Sheet to Write Killer Instagram Bios! Insta Bio For YouTuber


    Place Hashtags in Your Insta Bio

    Pro tip alert– you’ve to use not just any hashtags but only branded ones. It’ll put you into the spotlight, ultimately driving more traffic.

    Remember to not randomly search and pick anything, researching is the key. You can even add tags to promote your sister brands or your YouTube channel.


    Adding CTAs & Links in Bio is a Big YES

    Thinking of adding contact info or website links? go ahead. Your goal is to expand your reach and there’s nothing better than telling visitors what to do next.

    You can ask them to follow your account, use your tags to get featured, or even offer a new promo. The opportunities are endless.

    Plus, these clickable links have the ability to promote your website, YT channel, fb, twitter, or any digital profile you own free of cost. It’s like word of mouth adverts.

    Amidst all these links, keep this in mind to add clear CTAs. Your visitors shouldn’t need a dictionary or encyclopaedia to decode what now.

    If you want them to follow you, ask them clearly. 


    YouTubers Cheat Sheet to Write Killer Instagram Bios! Insta Bio For YouTuber


    Be Your Authentic Self

    You can access plenty of sources for instant inspiration to write bios that capture attention. Yet nothing can replace your thoughts. 

    What most people overlook is the fact that this small space is for self-expression not competition.

    A few tricks, though help you gain exposure, should not kill your uniqueness.


    YouTubers Cheat Sheet to Write Killer Instagram Bios! Insta Bio For YouTuber

    What to add & What to Skip?

    Reached here? You’re already ahead of 2/3rd of YouTube creators. 

    There are plenty of reasons to write a good bio, yet selecting the words that tell ‘who you are’, ‘what you do’, and ‘why should anyone follow you’ can give a headache.

    Our suggestion– be YOU.

    Avoid jargon, too long sentences, irrelevant phrases, and anything that doesn’t resonate with your work plus the audience.

    Here’s your checklist you need to follow while writing Insta Bio:


    • Add a Profile Picture (self-portrait, logo, art, etc.)
    • Use 3S Mantra for Instagram Bio– Short, Simple, & Sweet
    • Brainstorm & Research Keywords
    • Be Specific About Your Niche
    • Write for Humans, not robots
    • Include details like location, email address, linkedin, fb, etc.
    • 1 to 3 clear CTAs 


    Perfect Insta Bio Examples For YouTubers

    That’s a tricky statement because the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work here. Your bio depends on the content, your goals, and obviously you.

    It gives everyone a sneak peak into your persona. So, don’t shy away from brainstorming. Maybe you’ll come up with something extraordinary during the process.

    Nonetheless, below are quick ideas which you can save for future references–


    For Artists:

    “Brushing Life’s Canvas with Colors of Expression 🎨 | Creating Art that Speaks Without Words | Embracing the Beauty in Every Stroke #ArtisticSoul”


    For Photographers:

    “Freezing Moments, Framing Memories 📷 | Chasing Light and Capturing Life’s Story | Turning Pixels into Poetry, One Shot at a Time #ThroughTheLens”


    For Diplomats:

    “Bridging Cultures, Building Connections 🌎 | Navigating Through Diplomacy with Purpose | Aiming for Global Unity, One Discussion at a Time #DiplomacyMatters”


    For Businesses:

    “Innovating Solutions, Transforming Tomorrow 🚀 | Crafting Success Stories with Every Transaction | Your Partner in Progress, Envisioning Growth Together #BusinessEvolved”


    For Fitness Enthusiasts:

    “Sweat, Smile, Repeat 💪 | Conquering Limits and Embracing Fitness Journeys | Celebrating Progress, One Rep at a Time #FitLifeJourney”


    For Travel Lovers:

    “Exploring Horizons, Collecting Experiences ✈️ | Roaming the Globe, One Adventure at a Time | Discovering Beauty Beyond Maps #WanderlustSoul”


    For Foodies:

    “Savouring Life, One Bite at a Time 🍔 | Documenting Culinary Adventures and Flavorful Discoveries | Feasting on Memories and Delicious Delights #FoodieChronicles”


    For Writers:

    “Weaving Worlds with Words 📚 | Crafting Imagination into Text | Penning Down Thoughts, One Sentence at a Time #InkMagic”


    For Fashionistas:

    “Strutting Style, Defining Elegance 👠 | Embracing Trends and Celebrating Individuality | Turning Every Outfit into a Runway Story #FashionFinesse”


    For Nature Lovers:

    “Lost in the Wilderness, Found in Nature’s Embrace 🌿 | Exploring Earth’s Beauty, Preserving its Majesty | Nurturing the Planet, One Step at a Time #NatureNurturer”


    All in all, the key to writing a captivating insta bio for YouTuber lies in sharing their stories, in minimum words, while infusing a touch of creativity.


    That’s a Wrap!

    Whether you’re beginning your creator’s journey on IG or setting it up to boost reach, the above tips will level-up your insta bio.

    It’ll attract the target audience, increase traffic, and pave the road to your success.

    Lastly, keep updating your Insta bios from time-to-time. It adds a fresh vibe to your account.

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