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9 Copywriting Formulas to Look for in 2024 with Examples!

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    Writer’s Block. Lack of Creativity. 

    Words are no more mere tools to create sentences. They are used with the goal of creating an impact.

    What if I tell you I have designed a set of formulas to ease your copywriting journey?

    Let’s ignite your brain with the promised 9 formulas.


    9 Copywriting Formulas to Look for in 2024 with Examples!


    Before we start, note that no formula or copywriting trick promises to trick draw sales. 

    Unless you really grasp the audience, intention, and brand.

    So why go for formulas? 

    They will help structure your ideation for creating copies. 

    Don’t worry; these are the tried and tested ones with examples.

    Copywriting Formula #1- AIDA

    A- Attention

    I- Interest

    D- Desire

    A- Action


    Another one of the oldest copywriting formulas is AIDA. 


    As the acronym suggests, it means gathering attention, attracting readers’ interest in the product, instigating your desire for the product/ service, and calling on the reader to take action.



    Copywriting Formula #1- AIDAd


    Copywriting Formula #2- PAS

    P- Problem

    A- Agitate

    S- Solution


    Sometimes old is gold. 


    Old school copywriting technique means identifying the problem, addressing it, and offering a solution. 


    Use emotions to hammer the issue and offer a solution.


    Properly addressed problems, agitation, and solutions result in a full reader’s attention.


    Customers die to hear solutions to their problems. Along with it, throw in the clear and concise CTA.


    Generate great quality leads.


    With PAS Formula, focus on key problems with vivid examples. Talk about it a little more and offer a solution.


    This is one of the favorite copywriting formulas- as even novice copywriters can use the formula for good copywriting in 2024.




    Copywriting Formula #2- PAS

    Copywriting Formula #3- BAB

    B- Before 

    A- After

    B- Bridge


    Alternate to the above formula, BAB starts on a positive note.


    Inviting readers into a picture paradise and helping them to reach there.


    Know what your audience wants and needs. 


    Illustrate how customers have reached the ideal stage- and how a reader can get there too.


    Back up your claim by mentioning tangible benefits. And end with an irresistible CTA.


    Copywriting Formula #3- BAB


    Copywriting Formula #4- PPPP

    P- Picture

    P- Promise

    P- Prove

    P- Push


    Inspired by the basics of copywriting in 2024, PPPP comes out a bit salesy.


    Perfect for nurturing leads or talking specifically about your product.


    Draw a picture of the services you provide. Make promises with your solutions for tangible results.


    Use social proof to back up your offer. Incite them to action or at least accept your offer.




    Copywriting Formula #4- PPPP


    Copywriting Formula #5- AICPBSAWN

    Too long to remember the Copywriting formula.


    A- Attention

    I- Interest

    C- Credibility

    P- Proof

    B- Benefits

    S- Scarcity

    A- Action

    W- Warn

    N- Now


    Grab the attention of readers with the most significant benefit ( USP).


    Give them a reason to be interested in you. And add on to it with your credibility.


    Prove your claim to be true and list the benefits in bullet points.


    Incentivize people to bring scarcity to tell them precisely about their actions.


    Let them know what happens when they take no action.


    Lastly, motivate them to take action.




    Copywriting Formula #5- AICPBSAWN


    Copywriting Formula #6- QUEST

    Thinking of a short-form copy for your social media?


    This is your go-to copywriting formula.


    Q- Qualify

    U- Understand

    E- Educate

    S- Stimulate

    T- Transition


    Write a copy that qualifies your audience, setting your demographic straight.


    Practice empathy and compassion to understand the target audience’s experience.


    Educate the reader by offering solutions to their problems with copywriting in 2024.


    Use powerful words and set up a brand identity to stimulate the audience.


    Include a product link in the description for the audience to transit into the customer.




    Copywriting Formula #6- QUEST


    Copywriting Formula #7- ACCA

    Nonprofits use ACCA copywriting formula to appeal to the morality and ethics of the target audience.


    A- Awareness

    C- Comprehension

    C- Conviction

    A- Action


    Raise awareness about problems by describing them.


    Explain the problem further and let readers comprehend it. 


    Use real-life stories to persuade your readers to conviction.


    Like all other formulas, the last step is to entice readers to take action.


    Include a link or phone number to learn more about the organization.




    Copywriting Formula #7- ACCA


    Copywriting Formula #8- FAB

    F- Features

    A- Advantages-

    B- Benefits


    Showcases what your product does for the customer.


    Explain the advantages of the product in contrast to others.


    Expand on ways how the product actually helps readers.






    Copywriting Formula #9- UPWORDS

    U- Universal 

    P- Picture 

    W- Words 

    o- Or 

    R- Relatable

    D- Descriptive

    S- Sentences


    Use creative and relative imagery with metaphors to expand your writing.


    Knowing pictures is worth a thousand words; metaphor can be worth more than a character count.


    Rely on words to design a perfect image in your readers’ minds.


    Make it relatable, funny, and sarcastic.


    Perfect for social media ads or captions.




    Copywriting Formula #9- UPWORDS




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