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What is Copywriting? How to Learn Copywriting with examples?

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    New to the world of copywriting?

    It can be confusing to consider it a career in this competitive world. 

    Whether you want to jump-start your content writing career or have a side gig for extra income, understand what copywriting is.


    What is Copywriting? How to Learn Copywriting?


    Let’s discuss what copywriting is and how to learn copywriting. 

    Then, you can tell me whether you think it should be an aspect of content writing or marketing!



    What is Copywriting?

    Writing persuasive marketing or promotional stuff that entices the audience to take some form of action is copywriting. 

    So, it just means rearranging the words you want to say and inducing salesmanship into it for effective influence. 

    Here’s a story about Joe. He sends out 10 emails per day but hardly gets any response from them or instigates them to take action.


    His emails are like this: 


    Hey Mr. MoneyGiver, 


    Please buy my products; I really want money from you.


    We have the best goods and promise customer loyalty and 100% satisfaction. We tend to understand what you need and deliver everything per your requirements.





    This email is damn boring….


    What is Copywriting?


    No one cares what your product does or pictures. This email is not only an utter annoyance but does not even drive any action. 

    But then Joe heard of copywriting.

    He aggressively starts to learn the best copywriting styles and techniques.


    You see, what is copywriting?


    It is about getting people engaged in whatever you write without spamming them.

    Copywriting is offering value to your audience’s needs rather than forcing your products.

    Making them buy from you, not out of pressure, but out of how you influence them.


    Now when Joe learned this, he changed his email copy to:


    Hey Mr. MoneyGiver, 


    I figured out a way to cut down XYZ costs by 53%.


    I attached this report that shows you can easily save 55% of the costs by deploying ABC features. I have 3 tools to help. 


    Email me back if you want some recommendations.





    Now Joe is sending Me. MoneyGiver what he needs….he is more likely to engage with Joe’s email.

    What is Copywriting?

    Now, when Joe sends out 10 emails per day, at least 7 people respond!


    Sales went up as Joe dramatically rephrased the words.


    And that is COPYWRITING!


    What is SEO Copywriting?

    If you don’t know, here’s what SEO copywriting is:

    S- Search 

    E- Engine

    O- Optimization


    What is SEO Copywriting?


    SEO means trying to get ranked on the results page of a search engine, Google


    So, what does SEO Copywriting do?

    • Find a keyword relevant to your website
    • Write substantial articles on the subject
    • Try to rank it at the top of the search engine results page.


    What is Direct Response Copywriting?

    Direct response writing means reaching the eyeballs of the audience actually to make them take purchase action.

    Art of increasing conversion rate from your mailings.

    Postcards, Magazines, Newspapers, Letters, etc.

    What is Direct Response Copywriting?

    For example:


    Joe works in real estate, and part of his job is to send out flyers.


    The problem is that printing flyers are not cheap. 


    So, now Joe has the opportunity to use his copywriting skills to maximize their customer list.


    Joe decides to create different versions of ad copies. 


    Each version brought in different conversion rates.


    Thanks to Joe’s newly learned copywriting skills, the sales were up in no time with the best copywriting ad copy.


    Where is copywriting used?


    Where is copywriting used?

    It depends upon who the copywriter is to figure out the use of copywriting:


    • Marketing Assets
    • Social Ad Campaigns
    • Branding
    • Podcast Scripts
    • Youtube Videos
    • Educational Videos
    • Webinar Scripts
    • Email Marketing
    • Internal Training Videos
    • Content Marketing
    • Sales Call Scripts
    • Public Speeches


    … and the list can go on.


    There is no stopping leveraging copywriting skills. Even a simple blog can become a revenue-generating content piece when written by copywriters.


    To Sum up

    So, in the end, copywriting is arranging words that sell more. Now that you know what copywriting is, you can dramatically escalate any business with your WORDS.

    If you also want to get ahead of your writing skills and bring in more numbers, let’s connect to design the right piece.

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