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What is an Advertiser? & How to Become an Advertiser in India in 2023? (Examples)

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    ‘Advertisement’, that one word, is enough to get images of billboards, TV commercials, and newspaper Ads in our heads. Perhaps, the last jingle you may have heard still echoes fresh in your mind.

    Like Nirma’s washing powder or Airtel’s ‘har ek friend jaruri hota hai’, there are plenty of examples when it comes to ads.

    Undoubtedly, advertising is the only way a consumer gets the first look at any product or service. But experts say it does more than promotion.

    Take the example of Ariel detergent’s recent ad campaign #ShareTheLoad, which focuses on bringing the spotlight on the unequal distribution of domestic chores in relationships.

    And, that’s not all. Things in India’s advertising sector have undergone a major shift lately, due to digitalization.

    But what does it all have to do with an advertiser? Will the changing marketing trends affect the professional trajectory of Indian advertisers? Let’s find out.

    Before we move on to the digitalisation of the advertising sector, here’s a brief introduction to advertisers.


    What is an Advertiser?

    Ever wondered how those high-quality images and catchy phrases get published in the papers? Or,  jingles of your favourite skincare product get on screen? That’s what an advertiser does.

    An advertiser can be a person or an entity that works for a business or brand, to create and place Ad campaigns. Their job is to think outside the box and come up with ideas that help businesses scale.

    In short, an advertiser helps a brand increase its reach, generate more quality leads, and drive sales.

    This brings us to another question, has digitalisation changed an advertiser’s role?


    Digitalisation of the Advertising Market 

    From ads in a newspaper to online, much has changed in the advertising sector. These changes have become a decisive factor in shifting the trajectory of Indian advertising from a low to a high revenue market.

    What began as merely an effort to let audiences get a glimpse of upcoming products and services has now become a channel of social change. 

    In other words, ads today play the role of informing, educating, and entertaining consumers. Plus, there is no limit to their reach in 2023. 

    Take the example of Netflix. Whenever they want to inform their subscribers about an upcoming movie or show, they either drop them an email or directly send them a notification. While both options are meant for different audiences, their intent pretty much remains the same, i.e., to increase brand awareness.


    Digitalisation of the Advertising Market 

    Here are a few reasons that changed the scope of advertising:


    Rise in the Number of Internet Users

    Believe it or not, the world is going through a digital rush. The technological advancements and increase in affordability of devices have made the internet a staple ingredient of everyone’s life. 

    People love the convenience of having live updates available at their fingertips. Advertisers in 2023 had to take note of this number.


    Personalised Ads Work Better

    Spending thousands on a newspaper or TV commercial that barely reaches the target audience, only adds to bills and not to customer numbers.

    On the other hand, targeted marketing through digital tools gives you access to updated user data to create personalised ads for them.

    Myntra’s display ads are the best example here. When a user adds anything to the cart but does not make a purchase, the ads will pop-up every time the user browses any website. 


    New Age, New Media, and New Rules

    In 2005, nobody in India would have considered that social media would ever become a viable method of promoting products and services. But it has surpassed all scepticism.

    It turns out that social media is the most affordable, convenient, and effective method to create awareness. 

    With options like reels and shorts, businesses can generate high demand for their products with a quick, short, and visually appealing video. In addition, strategies like SEO or PPC further enhance their reach and let them target customers that are most likely to buy from them.

    Simply put, advertising has become more convenient, affordable, and data-driven. With so many gains and advances, the advertiser’s role needs a major push towards innovation.

    But how exactly will an advertiser in 2023 cater to this dynamic market? Or, supply creative ideas continuously?


    What Does Advertising in 2023 Mean for an Advertiser?

    Well, if you own a business, it is important that your marketing strategy caters to a large audience. The users that scroll the internet 10 hours a day and hardly switch on a TV or read a newspaper, plus the consumers that already know about your brand through billboards, pamphlets, and TV commercials.

    While things are going at a good pace, recent surveys show that targeting the next generation is more about learning how to strike a balance between offline and online advertising methods.

    That’s not all.

    If you want to be an advertiser in India, you need to develop an insight into consumers’ minds that tells you exactly how and where they must be approached.


    What Does Advertising in 2023 Mean for an Advertiser?


    Plus, India has a booming economy in every sector, which further elucidates the fact that advertisers are in high-demand. So, as an aspiring advertiser, you can expect a lucrative career in this sector.


    Here are GroupM’s forecast estimates:

    India will outrank Brazil in 2023, becoming the 8th largest advertising market globally.

    So, as future advertisers, you need to think beyond the theories of your college lectures and find ways to disrupt the market and be the next Ace of Ads.

    From leveraging data insights to getting an overview of consumer behaviour, your mind has to analyse and predict buying and selling trends. Doing so will set you apart from other advertisers and give a boost to your resume.

    Though it may seem as easy as making a pie, finding the right ingredients suitable for the brand’s recipe is a trick and hack in itself.


    Secret Sauce to Create an Effective Advertising Plan in 2023


    Advertising is a highly diverse field. As an advertiser, it demands knowledge of the basics and an ability to adapt to trends. Like other creative jobs, you need to be well versed in your brand’s goals and objectives to craft a roadmap that not only executes well but scales amazingly. 

    While you may have other questions related to qualifications and skills, things in terms of education have remained the same. Though a pro in advertising needs to have a robust portfolio, beginners need to focus more on their ability to think creatively and critically.

    It’s similar to a game of Candy Crush, where you analyse what works best now, while analysing the trends that could change the status quo.

    Apart from that, you must be a great communicator, as it helps you convey your message aptly to the audience. Plus, you must learn to prioritise which campaign suits the times best.

    For example, an Ad about mangoes has almost zero significance in the winter in a country like India. So, if your client or brand sells organic mangoes, try to lay low in the winter and run full-fledged campaigns in the summer for your Indian audience.

    While you are restricting your marketing domestically, there’s a good chance to focus on international advertising and generate high profits from abroad.

    Simply put, prioritise what you must and go full house when the market requires.

    Nonetheless, here are a few things that you must keep in mind to give your advertising career a boost.


    Secret Sauce to Create an Effective Advertising Plan in 2023


    Entice People to Take Action


    Rewind to last year’s Diwali Ads; what do you recall? Family, friends, sweets, and forgiveness—obviously, there’s much more.

    Rule one of advertising: appeal to emotions. The more people find it relatable, the more it sells your client’s or brand’s products. The best way to appeal to emotions is by genuinely giving your audience a glimpse into their lives.

    A normal story or episode from their daily routine or focusing on major issues like breaking gender stereotypes; both will increase your brand’s reach.


    Focus on Associations


    What makes a user not skip an Ad, scroll down, or flip the page? When their favourite celebrity or someone whom they desire to be is in that Ad. The best example to understand this would be Sony’s KBC. People associate the show with Amitabh Bachhan, who has been hosting it for long enough now.

    In psychological terms, when a user sees their favourite celebrity or influencer using a product or service, they develop a subconscious connection.

    Brands like Coca-Cola have been using the same tactic for many years. Their Ads associate their products with friends and family. So, when consumers have a party or an event, they automatically remember Coca-Cola.


    Create a Bandwagon Effect


    FOMO is real. The majority of consumers hate to miss out on deals, offers, and anything that’s ‘in’. So, use that for your campaign and establish a bandwagon effect. 

    Once you have clarity about consumers’ expectations, it simplifies the whole process. As a tip, you can call your product the best-seller, like Maybelline did in America.

    Their recently launched mascara became an overnight sensation, thanks to advertisers’ quick calls and labelling the future-star product as ‘America’s favourite mascara.

    Or, you can cast an influencer or celebrity that people admire who is suitable for your campaign, and the deal is locked. Post their reviews on social media or ask them to make a short testimonial video, so buyers know your products are worth every penny.

    That’s how you can make any product eligible for the best-selling tag without even spending a whopping advertising fee on different channels.


    Recommend, Don’t Sell


     The biggest mistake that marketers and advertisers make is promoting their brands explicitly, making prospective buyers doubtful. 

    Therefore, the best approach here is to focus more on the benefits a product or service can add to a buyer’s life. For instance, listing the ingredient list of a protein bar would hardly influence a customer; however, if the same Ad told him about the nutritional value it can add to their diet as a quick snack during college or office hours, the customer would buy it.

    So, avoid wasting money on listing a product’s features unnecessarily and let the users know how exactly your product would impact their lives.


    Tell a Story


    Nobody likes an ‘A to Z’ conversation. People click on what resonates with them. So, when you focus on other strategies, make sure you incorporate this one. Telling a story, though it sounds childish, works remarkably well.

    A glimpse behind the scenes or about the brand can do wonders. Once a user knows there are real people with real struggles, it will motivate them to take action. 

    However, using this tip can be a little tricky. Therefore, work on storytelling before you tell it to your customers.




    What is an Advetiser


    Advertising is an incredible tool to sail through the dynamic and competitive market landscape in full swing. No matter which medium you use, keep your focus on connecting with and engaging your customers.

    As an advertiser in 2023, it is your job to find out exactly what aligns with your target audience and where to find them. 

    Once you learn how to use the secret tips, your Ad will work like a magnet, attracting consumers, generating revenue, and helping businesses scale.

    Stay tuned for more such hacks!

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